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3.  "To beg him to assist me in finding my wife. I believed I had aright to endeavor to find her. I was deceived, as it appears,and I ask your pardon."


2.  "And those two equally fine thrusts at Bernajoux.""Truly!"
4.  As D'Artagnan had presumed, on receiving his letter, Miladyin a delirium of joy had told her servant everything; and byway of recompense for the manner in which she had this timeexecuted the commission, she had given Kitty a purse.Returning to her own room, Kitty had thrown the purse into acorner, where it lay open, disgorging three or four goldpieces on the carpet. The poor girl, under the caresses ofD'Artagnan, lifted her head. D'Artagnan himself wasfrightened by the change in her countenance. She joined herhands with a suppliant air, but without venturing to speak aword. As little sensitive as was the heart of D'Artagnan,he was touched by this mute sorrow; but he held tootenaciously to his projects, above all to this one, tochange the program which he had laid out in advance. He didnot therefore allow her any hope that he would flinch; onlyhe represented his action as one of simple vengeance.For the rest this vengeance was very easy; for Milady,doubtless to conceal her blushes from her lover, had orderedKitty to extinguish all the lights in the apartment, andeven in the little chamber itself. Before daybreak M. deWardes must take his departure, still in obscurity.Presently they heard Milady retire to her room. D'Artagnanslipped into the wardrobe. Hardly was he concealed when thelittle bell sounded. Kitty went to her mistress, and didnot leave the door open; but the partition was so thin thatone could hear nearly all that passed between the two women.Milady seemed overcome with joy, and made Kitty repeat thesmallest details of the pretended interview of the soubrettewith De Wardes when he received the letter; how he hadresponded; what was the expression of his face; if he seemedvery amorous. And to all these questions poor Kitty, forcedto put on a pleasant face, responded in a stifled voicewhose dolorous accent her mistress did not however remark,solely because happiness is egotistical.


4.  "Doesn't look much like a man who sees spirits, does he?" saidDrouet.
5.  "What was this young Corsican's name?"


1、  I took a step forward. In an instant his strange headgear began tomove, and there reared itself from among his hair the squatdiamond-shaped head and puffed neck of a loathsome serpent."It is a swamp adder!" cried Holmes; "the deadliest snake inIndia. He has died within ten seconds of being bitten. Violencedoes, in truth, recoil upon the violent and the schemer falls into thepit which he digs for another. Let us thrust this creature back intoits den, and we can then remove Miss Stoner to some place of shelterand let the county police know what has happened."
2、  Bright was the sun, and clear that morrowning, And Palamon, this woful prisoner, As was his wont, by leave of his gaoler, Was ris'n, and roamed in a chamber on high, In which he all the noble city sigh*, *saw And eke the garden, full of branches green, There as this fresh Emelia the sheen Was in her walk, and roamed up and down. This sorrowful prisoner, this Palamon Went in his chamber roaming to and fro, And to himself complaining of his woe: That he was born, full oft he said, Alas! And so befell, by aventure or cas*, *chance That through a window thick of many a bar Of iron great, and square as any spar, He cast his eyes upon Emelia, And therewithal he blent* and cried, Ah! *started aside As though he stungen were unto the heart. And with that cry Arcite anon up start, And saide, "Cousin mine, what aileth thee, That art so pale and deadly for to see? Why cried'st thou? who hath thee done offence? For Godde's love, take all in patience Our prison*, for it may none other be. *imprisonment Fortune hath giv'n us this adversity'. Some wick'* aspect or disposition *wicked Of Saturn<11>, by some constellation, Hath giv'n us this, although we had it sworn, So stood the heaven when that we were born, We must endure; this is the short and plain.




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    ‘I must never see her again,’ Frank said to himself, as he got out of the train; ‘I must never see her again!’ Perhaps it was because of the very practicality and matter-of-fact character of his mind that he felt it dangerous to permit himself such an indulgence. He could not go and gaze and moon about her, as other men might, without anything coming of it. The only safeguard would be to keep away altogether. But it was not a cheerful thought; and, consequently, when he emerged from the station with his hat down over his brows, a certain air of tragedy and misery was about the poor fellow. And if the reader of this sober history should at any time encounter on the railway between London and Royalborough an unfortunate and melancholy Guardsman, well thrown back into the shadow of the lamp, gnawing his moustache as he chews the{313} cud of fancy, let him remember the miserable perplexities of poor Frank Renton, and pity the man. The impulse of the mature spectator’s mind is so invariably to vituperate the military butterfly, that it is the duty of the benevolent moralist to turn the tide of sympathy towards that beautiful, frivolous, yet sometimes suffering creature, when he has the opportunity. After all, Guardsmen are men.

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